CBT FREE PRACTICE AND PAST-QUESTIONS FOR GNS/GST 104 (Philosophy and Logical Thinking)

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Past Exam Questions and Answers for GNS/GST 104 in CBT/PDF format. Admission to a university is not always straight forward. The administration of the school conducts the post-UTME aptitude exam screening exercise for all applicants since, as a University, they have high requirements, and as a result, there will inevitably be a flood of people applying for admission.

The only solution available right now that has been demonstrated to work over time is the Past Questions in CBT Format. The most intriguing aspect of this is that you may now download and obtain past questions for admission preparation without spending any of your money or even having to leave the comfort of your house.



There are many benefits associated with using past exam papers including the following:

  • Helps understand likely exam time length;
  • shows the average number of questions;
  • Counts the number of options offered; Assists in calculating the amount of time needed for each question;
  • determines whether exam questions will be short answers, multiple-choice questions, or essays;
  • aids in exam technique preparation;
  • aids in identifying important subject areas for review.

How are the sample GNS/GST 104 questions patterned?

Because GNS/GST 104 is a pure scientific course, the past questions typically come in a multiple-choice format with theory and practicals. We\’ve made things really simple for you. We gather all the queries from over the years and group them together, but we also note the particular years in which they occurred. We provide the correct answers in order to save your time.

Simply spend valuable time studying the GNS/GST 104 Past Questions in PDF Format, and you can watch yourself change the story by performing better than you anticipated on the test.

Sample of GNS/GST 104 questions GNS/GST 102


7 Tips to Prepare for GNS/GST 104 Exams

  1. Don\’t make reading your pastime: Many people list reading as a hobby on their resumes, and since they have completed their education, they may be right. However, since \”You\” are still in school, reading need to be your primary focus rather than just a pastime. To increase your degree of aptitude, read widely.
  2. GNS/GST 104 Past Questions in PDF Format, textbooks, dictionaries, practice tests, and other materials are available as exam preparation resources. These resources will help you better understand the breadth of the exams you anticipate taking.
  3. Register for and attend extracurricular classes at your institution. This lesson will not only help you refresh your memory but will boast your classroom understanding and discoveries of new facts.
  4. Sleep whenever you feel like it: Sleeping is crucial for exam preparation because it aids in memory consolidation. Be careful not to oversleep and just sleep when you feel like it.
  5. Make sure you are healthy because being sick might make you feel overly exhausted and tired all the time, making it difficult for you to focus on reading. Inform your parent, a nurse, or a doctor if you believe you are not feeling well. Ensure your health. WACE Result
  6. Eat whenever you feel like it: You are advised not to overeat during the exam preparation period in order to prevent sleep. Every time you feel like eating, you should consume little amounts of light fare. Eat extra fruit and drink milk and sugary drinks. Your retention will improve thanks to this.
  7. Cut back on your social media use: Some people spend their whole lives on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and talk on Messenger. If you are studying for exams, this is terrible and catastrophic. Try to spend less time on social media during this period. Maybe you may return and sleep there after the examinations.

Finally you can visit this website highly recommended by us for free CBT practice 

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If you enjoy these suggestions, you might want to forward them along to your loved ones. Do you have any inquiries or remarks? Fill out the comment box below with it. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in achieving the highest possible score.

We\’re wishing you luck!


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My name is Emmanuel aka Hyke i love it when student are happy with their results... and i wish one day you will also serve your country at the right time... share our website so other student around Nigeria can take part.

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